Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Children Know

by Justin Wade Thompson

when i was a kid
we had this nice little spot
by the river

you could talk
and smoke cigarettes
no one would know

we were kids
it thrilled us
to retreat
from the world of parents
in unhappy matrimony

pictures of
wedding cakes and smiles stuffed
in an album somewhere
in some closet
by the fireplace
that we seldom

we were kids
we had secrets that meant

like snakes in the grass

we'd get chigger bites
on our asses and bathe in bleach

and we'd cover our tracks
as best we could

we didn't know love
nor did we care

we knew skipping rocks
and burning leaves
in coffee cans

we knew nothing but
drank water from the garden hose
til our bellies would
almost burst

we were boys
and blades of grass
made pillows for our feet.

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