Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Desert

by Justin Wade Thompson

i've got my dick stuck in the sink and she's
crying out
to a dead deity
took off her glasses
and told me how worms crawl up the walls like
when she was a kid
living in Saudi Arabia
and they'd cut off
the food supply
everything went to rot
she was kissing my neck and
hanging on me
a whore of Babylon, she said
i held her hand
and downed five shots of whiskey
we danced a figure eight with our hips
with my dick
half hard pinned between
the cheeks of her ass
buried my nose in her hair

the smell of coconut butter and sweat
stuffing my lungs
and the whiskey kept my blood strong
threw the night until we fucked
each other's brains out on fire without a beat

without a mighty hand of a god
just her lips
on mine
and the sounds of our
bodies clapping in ecstasy.

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