Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Just because I've spent half my life
in prisons and mental hospitals doesn't
mean I don't like sex. So I went out
Saturday night to get a piece of ass;
but I had to earn some money first: So
I let a faggot suck my dick. He paid me
eleven dollars and thirty-seven cents.
Then I went across town to find pussy.
And I found this skinny girl who said
I could eat her out for ten bucks. And
it's great because it's cold as fuck
and I lost my jacket and needed the change
to catch the subway when I'm done. So we
went into an alley to do it. She was in
front of me with crack-whore legs and a
tight skirt over a still fine ass. But
she looks good to me. I mean it's been
five months since I've had cunt. And just
then I hear a big nigger voice saying
don't move whitey. And the bitch turns
around and frisks me. She takes the
eleven dollars and thirty-seven cents
I got from the faggot and gives it to the
coon who tells me not to move. Then the
two of them take off. And I'm stuck
down-town, freezing, broke, and horny.
Shit, sometimes life is depressing."

by Joseph Hargraves


  1. Wow - Life's a Bitch! Pretty raw.

  2. poor guy can't get a break..

  3. Well, look on the bright side he did get his dick sucked and he didn't get the shit kicked out of him!