Friday, January 1, 2010


by Carol Lynn Grellas

Open me gently, Kathy
this letter that was so hard to write.
It hurts to miss you, now
that I know what a sunset is
after a day of worry and tears,
Life's been short without you,
you, who sat; a dancer at her piano
playing Desperado, by the hour;
we are desperados, Kathy
on the run from what’s chasing us—
only, you’ve fallen behind.
You, who loved me with rose-petal baths
and poppies on weekends;
hiding from the world outside,
when orchids lined windows while
we lounged on pillows
thinking our journey would go
on forever. I’ve lost my way to forever.
When a bird loses her way,
she needs the wind to send her flying;
I’m looking for that wind
to give me the courage
to fly. How I wish I could turn
in place and click my heels to find you—
once you told me you loved me too much
to ever say my name...
say it now Kathy, if only I could
hear you. Say it now, say it now
say it now.

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