Friday, January 15, 2010


by R.G. Johnson

no need for diplomatic heads
just asshole intentions and hospital daycare bombsites

democracy cockles erect and aroused
infidel oilfield political gloryhole burn victims engaged

sodomize reason with holy war douche;
mop the desert shiny with metal and fire

Sucking on the drum-rolling hero-vein:
‘The few, the proud,’ the dead

drive! drive sub automatic cheeseburger liberty to Mecca!
smear proud chins with ultra cakewalk pleasantries

mind flag oblivious motive lick job with whiskey (yeah!)

football and racecars baby
cigars and trophies for all

gonna gonna pound the poor to porridge
just to prove my Cadillac prick rules the world

enough talk

let’s get this orgy riot church social slaughter house cranked
and force-feed it to anyone who cuts a disapproving gaze
until they squeal like 14 yr old chemically handicapped Frat boy
rape kittens!

for freedom!
for country!
for God!

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