Monday, June 21, 2010

this world is ending and i think i’m doing the right thing

by Adam Moorad

i'm going to move to alaska and work on a fishing boat
i'm going to live off crabs and mollusks
because i don't care anymore
maybe floating on the ocean is what the future will be like
for those of us who can survive
and we will float and swim and drift
and wish we had drowned with everyone else

today i'm going to pack all my bags and drive across the country
and i will only stop when i feel the need
to climb a mountain or a tree somewhere along the interstate
that hovers over the road
and somewhere on this mountain or in this tree
there is a spirit of an indian
and that is what i am looking for, i think

jesus is engraved in the face of my rifle
and his beard becomes hot when i pull the trigger

i want to know the way the world will end
because i'd like to watch the tsunamis arrive
from a beach

this morning i realized i have relatives in the ocean
who have gills and fins
who have asexual reproduction methods
and i am jealous

one of my uncles is a whale
he swallows me when I fall into the water
i sit inside my uncle’s belly
like meat in a can
and wait for several weeks
counting my ribs beneath my fingers
like an orphan

*Adam lives in Brooklyn and works in publishing. Visit him here:

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