Thursday, June 24, 2010


by Mike Berger

Blood oozes out‭; ‬she smiles.‭ ‬Her
demon depression retreats.‭ ‬She‭
knows just how to cut‭; ‬long and‭
vertical,‭ ‬and not too deep.‭ ‬Slice
just enough to make the blood flow.

She hides her bloodletting behind
long sleeves as she hides the darkness‭
inside with a‭ ‬knife.

She sharpens the‭ ‬knife‭ ‬so it won't
bruise or tear.‭ ‬She stops the bleeding‭
with a rag.‭ ‬She puts the bloody rag in‭
a plastic bag and throws it in a dumpster
on the way to school.

She tells‭ ‬herself she is worthless.‭ ‬She's‭
done it so many times she's come to‭
believe it.‭ ‬The cutting doesn't help.

She struggles each day through school
and can't wait to get home for another

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