Wednesday, June 30, 2010


by Black Kitty

always loved your hands
always thought they were so so very
like i could see what life is through them
and they have thoughts all their own
a mind of their own
and they are heavy with sound
i look at every little bump and tiny scar and say
play that song baby
play it for me

tonight play it with me
under that forest green cover
like you played them keys
and had us all swayin
yeah and strum it like them strings
you had us all jumpin
make it jump for me

always loved your lips
wrapped around any damn thing
even a bottle neck
hot as all get out
and i mean that
make me jealous when i see 'em on somethin besides me
but that's alright
show me i'm the only one
once the music stops

soft and hot, wet like that
boy don't make me go out and tell somebody
how you play that with your lips and tongue
umph, baby, just make me do this

scream out a note so somebody has to say
well alright then
with a smirk and a memory of used to be
take it to the next key
and i am all yours
it's all yours

always loved you
since the day i heard the music you made
always loved the way you took care to please the crowd
and then later
took care of me

so now take me to the next place
and baby
i'm yours all yours
never have to look again for what i need


so i'll always love you boy
even when the music stops
and you don't play like that no more

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