Friday, June 25, 2010


by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

In room 202

of the Travelway Inn

on Paris Street

I woke up and knew

I had to eat something

or be sick.

I threw on some clothes

from the floor

and grabbed some change

off the side table.

Staggered two blocks West

to the nearest convenience store

and as I passed through the parking lot

I noticed a parked red Sonata

with half a face blown off

in the driver's seat.

The morning frost ensured that bits of cranium

caked frozen to part

of the driver side window

after having slid down halfway.

I went into the convenience store

and bought a bag of pork rinds

and a Hustler.

I opened the bag

and ate one

as a crowd gathered around the car.

When I got back to my room

I pulled down the shades

folded my half eaten bag of pork rinds

to seal in freshness

and jerked off to the schoolgirl

and the charge nurse

doubled up

on page 24.

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