Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tough Guys Don't Need Gats

by Catfish McDaris

On leave in Amsterdam
staying at a hostel I
met two cuties from Ft Worth

We toured the canals
in a tulip gondola
saw Anne Frank's house
Van Gogh paintings
& dazzling flower markets

They wanted hashish but
wouldn't go to a marijuana cafe
I went to Dope Park where
mostly Africans

Sold Afghan & Paki black
tripping green & choking
red Lebanese

They showed the good
stuff then switched it for
camel dung

Knowing Three Card Monte
these cats were amateurs
after several attempts at
the rip off I shoved my 38
up this mother's nostril

The jig was up I got
the smoke & squirted
them with water as I ran
like Jim Thorpe.

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