Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once Southbound

by Melanie Browne

I was southbound,
I was southbound
but love turned me
right back around,
right there on the highway,
and now I'm northbound.
I’m traveling all day.
Traveling all night
ears popping right here
on this long-ass
stretch of road
some son of a bitch
with a glass pack,
some son of a bitch
with an 18 wheeler but
I’m like a god-damned
Road cannibal
That’s what I am
my feet feel
heavy like an
Undertaker's van.
Love turned
me around
Now I’m northbound.

*Melanie Browne
Co-editor of Leaf Garden press

*Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop/ Poems by Melanie Browne

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