Sunday, July 4, 2010


by Jo Hutton

I love the smell of just-cut grass,
Something about it
Takes me back to a peaceful
Time in my mind.
I used to lie in the long grass
In the field behind our house.
Look up at the sky
And watch the patterns I could make
By filtering rays of sunlight
Through near-closed eyelashes.
Those were the days.
Listening to the distant buzz of
My eccentric father
Whizzing up and down the lawn
In not-so-straight lines
On his new toy,
The Lawnmower
His pride and joy.
We used to laugh at his then,
Sitting astride the engine
Taking it all so seriously.
"Go and call Dad for tea," my mum would say.
"Whaaat?" he'd yell.
"Time for tea, Dad" I'd yell back.
"Oh forget it, Dad."
I'd tell Mum he was on his way,
And he'd finish up in his own good time.
And didn't we laugh at him again
That Day
Amidst our tears
Trying to come to terms with
The unimaginable
The deepest cut,
The sharpest pain,
The sudden death
Of the one you have loved the most
For the longest time.
Oh yes we laughed
About the lawnmower
And we cried
And laughed
And cried
And laughed
And cried some more
Until we were all dried up
And all that's left now
Is love
And dreams
And memories.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2010

    Very nice work.

    Hope to read more by Jo Hutton.

    Donal Mahoney