Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Religion

Those who love God/god will always love
Those who do not believe in God will never believe
Why are we inducing our insights on common people?
If you are intellectually fulfilled then it does not necessarily
Means that you should make fool of your intelligence.
Religion will never be dead and be dead.
What is not dead is spiritualism. We are bunch of spirits
Or soul and we are here for short periods of time.
This is our standard existence. If we follow moral, ethical, social
and humanistic principals. We will be blessed among ourselves.
There is no need to worry and doubt other’s intelligence, we
Are here and we will be here in one form or another.
The philosophy of life is not life of philosophy rather journey
towards sustainable peace and prosperity. Remember, the more
Differences you will create, the more difference you will have

to solve. We are the problems and we have the solutions.

by Santosh Kalwar

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