Monday, August 2, 2010

questionable vocalization skills

by Carl Miller Daniels

a sexy good-looking young man
is kissing the lips
of a sexy good-looking young woman
while that good-looking young woman gives
him an inept but heartfelt and well-intentioned
hand job;
the sexy good-looking young man
got off anyway, a
good gushy series of sloppy messy
cum spurts.
the young man then
reciprocates, using his
fingers to try and
bring this woman
to orgasm.
in the middle
of it, a neighbor calls,
invites them both to
they say yes.
several weeks later,
details emerge, and
everybody involved
feels very hopeful
about the
future. in fact,
that night,
when the
sexy good-looking young
man is again getting a hand-job,
he tells her "yeah baby

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