Friday, February 5, 2010

Diana and Her Kind

by A. J. Kaufmann

There's an orange kingdom waiting
In your oceans of blue
A bed of stars I've built on tears
Especially for you
Given names, a crying shame
You can't remember me
Yellow tears from frozen eyes
Turn my seas to milk

Johnny Teardrop takes the word
Takes it to his gal
She's no beauty to his streets
She's just unusual
You love her for your tiger's skin
Devil's spiderwebs
Man, you're round, like good old sun
Stoned out of your breath

Crazy airplanes in the sky
Melting down to sleep
If you're bored with her healing thoughts
You can steal a line from me
Cause I've written all my songs for her
I've waited quite a time
Orange kingdoms waiting for
Diana and her kind

So don't confuse perspectives, love
I'm not of broken minds
I'm just the title for older words
Mythologies of crime
Poseidon, Neptune bow their heads
Diana and her kind
Diana splits her seas again
For wanderers in tribes
Moons in Egypt slowly veil
Her twenty-seven lies

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