Friday, October 23, 2009

the Madness of Art

by Ross Runfola

is it the madness of art or
the art of madness?
poetry without form other than my imagination
is comfortable to me
but not to many readers
who want to superimpose their
sense of order, desire for acceptance and mediocrity
so my poems mirror their life- not mine.

is it the madness of art or
the art of madness?
art over the edge showing a free spirit
and imagination called wild and irresponsible
but really large and dramatic representations of taboos
drawn by Kelli whose self portrait defines her work:
“Darling, if I were a man, I’d have an 18 inch penis!”

Kelli understands my poetry.
I understand her art.
Kelli understands me.
I understand Kelli.
this is unusual and pleasing
but frightening to me.

I am some kind of strange but
would never violate the incest taboo.
Kelli is so fucked up
it is possible she is my sister.
and I would never fuck my sister.

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