Monday, April 12, 2010

Ode to Arlen Levy

by Zola Hjelm

Remember when we swam across the bay
& when we got to the other side
I dumped back in
like a shark spotting trout under ripples
& we walked barefoot
naked & drying
into the burning urban sun
we stepped the asphalt & granite rocks
paved culture & sun shining
eyes of gold
digging to the top of our peak years
Remember how we trudged
the Third St. roads
blinded by night
but all the more
& smiling I remember all the stupid shit we pulled
& all the traits we
saving our pennies for luck
then throwing them behind backs
for the Next to pick up on
but never forgotten
Haze of relentless camped out
Sweet days
& Reckless nights

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