Friday, March 26, 2010

Boy Scout Blue

by Justin Wade Thompson

the girl had
her tits hanging out

boy scout blue and
no respect for her
own blood

some fag boys were singing
from the floor

i went home and cried

warm beer and a stain
on my pants the next day
to keep the patrons staring

in the grocery store
in the restaurant

where i ate cactus
and bananas with my rice

last time my dad sat across from
me screaming about Texas politics
and the end of the world

seemingly relative subjects

i don't know anymore

lies parade the news and magazine stands,
the wine bottles, the cat pills,
the beer, sex,and vinegar

and red-faced children
crying over the mountainous bridge while
their fat parents make them
watch and take pictures
of the bats
that look
just like
shitty rats
on wings.

i'd like them all to die
some day.

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